About Us

Cousiño is the pioneer jewelry store to specialize in Rhodochrosite, not only setting the Ortiz quality of the stone in 18kt gold and sterling silver, but also offering the local and international market magnificent pieces of artwork in Rhodochrosite.

In 1983 Cousiño was the first exhibitor of Rhodochrosite jewelry at the Museum of Decorative Art of Buenos Aires, alongside the most prestigious jewelry stores in Argentina. 


For Cousiño the client is the most important consideration, offering all of their clients a custom made service to satisfy each and every one of their needs. The attractive showcases are well worth a visit.


The Guest book has been signed by the most renowned politician and art celebrities mentioned in countless articles and reviews; Cousiño is also mentioned in the most prestigious tour guides as an absolute must stop if you want to take back a quality artwork from Argentina.


  • There is only one mine in the world with top Ortiz quality Rhodochrosite and it's in Argentina. That's the reason why it's Argentinian National Stone and the perfect souvenir to take home.

  • Half a century designing jewelry and exclusive pieces around the world.

  • Cousiño jewelry is made of sterling silver and 18 karat gold with their corresponding certificate.

  • Cousiño uses only natural stones, none are treated or dyed. All of them are delivered with certificate of authenticity.

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Our Vision

"The rings, cufflinks, pendants, amphoras and other art objects displayed on our store windows are inspired by this exceptionally versatile and beautiful gem. Half a century ago, Cousiño was the first company to both specialize in Rhodochrosite as well as exhibit jewelry created with this stone in the National Museum of Decorative Art of Buenos Aires (Museo de Arte Decorativo de Buenos Aires) (1983). Nowadays, along the second generation goldsmith’s family, we are internationally known for the same values which have always distinguished us: the elegance, exclusiveness  and perfection in the manufacturing of our pieces, many of them unique, as a result of a long and personalized relationship with our customers." - María Inés Cousiño (Founder)


All the creations, both in 18k gold and sterling silver, emerge from a process of handmade labor which combines the seal of the most pure modern design and the traditional trade of Cousiño's master carvers, polishers and setters. Specialized workers select the best pieces of Rhodochrosite, which are later transformed into the most beautiful jewels with the Cousiño seal.